House UnPunk Activities Committee: Texas

The Committee recently convened in El Paso under the leadership of Bobby Soxx, who in 1980 sang the immortal words "Fuck power pop, fuck new wave, this is punk rock, you're a slave". Mr Soxx opened the hearings "I have here in my hands the names that were made known to me as being members of New Wave bands, and who never the less are still working and shaping music in the the Lone Star State." Texas musicians were given the opportunity to read a prepared statement in answer to the question "Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of a New Wave band?"

"Who are the Nubees, they sound like they might be New Wave", said Bobby Soxx (left) pointing his accusing finger at the photographer, HUPAC Special Agent Ryan Richardson. Neal Caldwell (right) was under investigation for putting out records by bands called "The Doo", "Quad Pi", "Von Beat" and, most damningly, "Dark Like A Restaurant" on his VVV label. Leniency was granted due to the sterling work put in by his band NCM.

Bob Childress (bass, Nervebreakers) says:

"I was reading your web page on Texas Punk and as I played bass for the Nervebreakers I thought I would try and answer the question posed about the weak stuff coming out at the time and the rockers coming out 15 years later (see comment on Mystery Dates).
Basically we tried to put out something that had a remote chance of getting some airplay on the earliest record (Girlfriend). You have to remember that nothing like the album tracks (which was close to a live sound or dig out Rocky Erickson and the Nervebreakers Live in 79 on New Rose for real live sound) was being played on any station back then. It was a while for the "New Wave" sound which was basically Punk groups trying to get on the radio and knowing that being called "punk" would keep them off the airwaves. The second single was a pretty good rocker in my opinion if you crank it up (especially So Flipped).
Mike and I didn't play on the third single as we left right before the New York tour and Paul Quigg and James Flory (ex-Superman's Girlfriend) took over at that time. When the tour was over they bailed and Mike and I played the last gig at the time opening for Teardrop Explodes I think. Album was in the can before we quit but ran out of money and interest in finishing and no money to get it issued emerged till Ryan Richardson rescued it from the closet shelf. Thanks, Ryan again. Otherwise it may still be there."
Mr Childress, thank you for your statement and for confirming our suspicions that you tempered your sound in search of radio airplay. In light of your cooperation we have decided to be lenient, you are hereby sentenced to 100 hours of listening to Teardrop Explodes records. Next...

Kelly Green (guitar, Really Red) says:

I'm not doing music too much anymore. Those times were great but I have no desire to relive 'em. I'm married (to U-Ron Bondage's ex-wife Linda). Needless to say Ron and I don't talk anymore...I don't know why. We have 2 kids who are too cool for their own good. My son (Michael) is 6 - he wants me to teach him how to play guitar...who's gonna teach me? I'm still interested in the music scene but my taste runs more towards Texas Roots type music. My hero is Joe Ely. The first time I saw him he was opening for The Clash. We ended up at a party together (w/ Strummer,Jones etc.) We were in the kitchen looking for something to drink.All we could find was rootbeer schnappes,so we both decided we had had enough. Oh yeah,Linda, who was in Mydolls didn't appreciate the slam about them,so cut it out:-).
If you need any specific information that I can help you with (if I can remember it!) let me know. I think these pages are fuckin great...
Mr Green, we wish to stress that you are not under investigation by this committee. We in fact give your work our highest endorsement. On the other hand tell your wife to expect a subpoena very soon.

Mike (AK47) says:

I'm confused about the reference to "six songs of bad sax new wave on 1/4 inch tape." I played sax during one song which was performed live but never recorded. And so while I might agree with the characterization of the music, I can tell you that there's no such recording. There are several garage recordings which were recorded by Gordon Gunn of Austin. A good live recording at Rudyards in Houston exists which was engineered by Gary Yoki. It was one of the band's last performances. The group did record an album that was never released...that much is true. The record was titled Singularities. It was recorded at Sugar Hill Studios in Houston and engineered by Andy Bradley sometime during 1983-84. The album was over-produced even at the raw track stage. I think the band started to question its direction and never bothered releasing the material. Quite frankly, most of it sucked.
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