Discography of Texas Punk 1977-1983

Paul Routenburg and Henry Weld

Last Updated: 29 May 2012

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AK47 Houston
- The Badge Means You Suck / Kiss My Machine 7" Pineapple VRRNP-864/5, 1980 PS
- 12" Pineapple 02, not released

The Badge Means You Suck, inspired by a Houston police bumper sticker of the time "The Badge Means You Care", probably gets my vote as the best Texas punk song. Amazingly loud and angry.[HW] The flip isn't bad. A bit long, more rock than punk.[PR] This certainly gets my vote as the best anti-police rant of all-time.[BD] The 12" (mentioned in the International Discography Of New Wave) was never pressed, there exist 6 bad sax/new wave numbers only on 1/4" tape. No one feels this stuff is worth releasing.[SD]
- Do Your Job 7" Normal QX-000, 1982, not released
  (They've All Got Money / Real Gone // No World / Important People)
7" was never released.[RR] I've only heard Real Gone. Decent song, hard edged pop. [PR]
BANG GANG San Antonio
- She Ran ... But We Ran Faster 7" Matako Mazuri #1, 1983 PS
  (Dickhead / Stupid People / 4 X The Fun // Charlie Lives In Our Hearts)
Soundwise this is fairly typical hardcore, but Dickhead and Charlie are far above average for the genre.[BD]
- Frat Cars / Heartbeat // Movies / Mutant Rock 7" Big Boys BB42480, 1980 PS
						   Smilin' Ear SE 011, 1991, gold and black vinyl
- Frat Cars / Heartbeat // Movies / Influence 7" no label KNIT 1, 1991, white label bootleg
- Recorded Live At Raul's Club split 2x7" Selfless Records SFLS-10, 1991 PS
  (TV / Nightbeat // After 12:00 / Psycho)
  One 7" by Big Boys, other by Dicks, also 300 "signed/color wax/different ps."
- Fun, Fun, Fun... 12" Moment Productions BB-001, 1982
  (Nervous / Apolitical / Hollywood Swingin' // Prison / We Got Soul
   / Fun Fun Fun)
- Live At Raul's (split with The Dicks) LP Rat Race RRR80351, 1981
  (Authority / Out Of Focus / Psycho / Detectives / In The City /
   Red/Green / Nightbeat / After 12:00)
- Where's My Towel/Industry Standard LP Wasted Talent JWT 3405, 1981
  (Security / TV / I Don't Wanna Dance / Identity Crisis / Thin Line
   / Advice // Complete Control / Work Without Pay / Spit /
   Act/Reaction / Self Contortion / Wise Up)
- Lullabies Help The Brain Grow LP Moment Productions BB-002, 1983
				   Moment-Enigma E-1128, 1984
  (We Got Your Money / Lesson / Funk Off / I'm Sorry / We're Not In
   It To Lose / Sound on Sound / Fight Back // Brick Wall / Jump The
   Fence / Assault / Manipulation / Same old Blues / Gator Fuckin' /
   White Nigger / Baby Let's Play God)
- No Matter How Long The Line At The Cafeteria, There's Always A Seat
      				LP Enigma, 72028-1, 1984
  (No / Narrow View / I Do Care / Listen / What's The Word? // Common
   Beat / No Love / Which Way To Go / Killing Time / Work)
- Wreck Collection LP Unseen Hand UHT-727-3, 1988
  (1. Live Intro / 2. Mutant Rock / 3. PIL Beach / 4. Shut Up /
   5. Manipulation / 6. Rules / 7. Funk Off / 8. Damage 43 /
   9. Distance // 10. Horn Intro / 11. We Got Soul / 12. Frat Cars /
   13. History / 14. Influences / 15. Authority / 16. GM /
   17. Red/Green / 18. Sound On Sound / 19. Let's Play God)
 2,12: From Frat Cars EP; 3,4,15,16: unreleased from Fun, Fun, Fun
 sessions; 5,7,19 - 8 track demo versions (songs rerecorded for
 Lullabies LP); 6: unreleased; 8: appeared on Cottage Cheese comp
 as The Big Picture, unreleased version; 9,14: 8 track demos;
 11: unreleased extended horn intro mix; 13: different version of
 Rat Music Vol. 2 and Something To Believe In comp track; 17: version
 from Thrasher Magazine's "Skate Rock" comp; 18: instrumental version
- The Skinny Elvis CD Touch & Go TG98CD, 1993
  contains Frat Cars EP, Live At Raul's LP and Where's My Towel
- The Fat Elvis CD Touch & Go TG99CD, 1993
  contains Fun, Fun, Fun..., Lullabies, and No Matter How Long The Line
The Live At Raul's side is pretty limp.[HW] Scum info: rare Where's My Towel cover... black only instead of black and green silk screen cover. Also, many Lullabies LPs were promo stamped.[RR] Perfect Sound Forever have a great interview with Tim Kerr. Then check out the Big Boys website.
- Learn To Hate In The 80's / Scavenger Of Death 7" VVV 004, 1981 PS
Great slow, anti-social grind.[HW] Bobby also the singer in Stick Men With Ray Guns and The Teenage Queers.
- I Want That Girl / I'm Gonna Love Her Anyway // Battle Of The Bands / Are You 
  Into Destruction? / Obsession-Depression
				   7" Wall-O-Sound BS-1/BS-2, 1978 PS
More rock & roll than punk... the loud guitar almost masks the incredibly cheesy lyrics and is the saving grace of the record. Worthy of mention because it's early but not a must-have for the Texas punk fan.[RR] Although the lyrics are horrendous, the three tracks on the flip are all pretty great. The A-side is mysteriously lame in comparison.[BD]
- Tomorrow The World Ends 7" Bouncing Betty BBR001, 1982 PS
  (Warhead / Looking Out For #1 // Riot Riot / U.S.P.S.)
- Children Of War LP Bouncing Betty BBR002, 1983
  (Children Of War / Bomb Squad / Fight Fight Fight / Punishment Time
   // Genocide / Question Authority / The Right To Die / You're Fucked)
The LP definitely has some moments.[RR] The 7" is unskilled and lacks good songs.[HW] Meat and potatoes gruff-vox punk that is atypical of the era. I'm sure the kids hated 'em.[BD]
- Live From Space City LP Freeway 282, 1982
  (I'm An Artist / Bells & Whistles (Live) / Space City / Et Cetera Love 
   (Gimme Your Love) / Know/Talk Show / All Is Well / Push And Shove / 
   Well Hung / You Got The Love)
Crudely recorded live material, one decent punker, but the rest is mostly art/postpunk messing around, some song-based, some not.[BD]
- A Brown Reason To Live 12" Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 32, 1983
  (The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey's Grave / Hey / Something // Bar-B-Q 
   Pope / Wichita Cathedral / Suicide / The Revenge Of Anus Presley)
- Live PCPEP 12" Floatum Scrotum/Alternative Tentacles 69001/VIRUS 39, 1984
  (Cowboy Bob / Bar-B-Q Pope / Dance Of The Cobras / The Shah Sleeps In 
   Lee Harvey's Grave // Wichita Cathedral / Hey / Something)
There's also some good boots of early punk stuff. There are also others who care more.
- Spit On Your Grave / Toxic Shock // Secretary Spread / Out Of Hand,
  Out Of Control 7" Cringe 81, 1981 PS
		    EV Records EV-02, 1991, some with bonus "photo from the void"
Good punk, somewhat crude sexist (not necessarily a bad thing) lyrics.[PR] Those "sexist lyrics" were written by Suzy![RR] Even the sexist lyrics can't redeem this record. Without a doubt the most overrated record from Texas. How this made it onto the Killed By Death series remains a mystery.[BD] How this also made it into the least-deserving-of-all's [BD's] record collection is also quite a mystery. Brian is terribly, terribly wrong here. This is a bona-fide DIY punk classic. Moreover, since this discography attempts to keep wimpy new wave to a minimum, I would argue that wimpy new wave sympathizers also have no place here, and I move for BD's commentary to be struck from the record. Thank you, your honour.[RR] For a 1981 record that isn't an out-and-out rocker, the price tag sometimes attached to this seems overblown, I don't care how rare it is. However, as crude, skanky punk, it's a goodie.[HW]
- Consider Museums As Concentration Camps / Another Miracle 7" Information 001, 1980 PS
- Year One LP CIA 007, 1982
  (Consider Museums As Concentration Camps / Hating My Father / Jesus / Nothing / 
   Metaphor Of Love / I Can't Have // No More Children / The Tapes / Disco / Birds
   And Monkeys / Terrorist)
- split w\ Hiroshima Chair LP AUS Dogfood Productions, YPRX 1895, 1981
  (Hating My Father / No More Children / Plague/Disco  / Another Miracle (Live) / 
   Heartbreaking B)
- Losers / All The Time 7" Cyberecords CYB-1001/1002, 1981
Obscure Skunks and Last riffpoppunk.[CW] Maybe 4th 7"/2nd LP era Skunks. Unmemorable.[PR] Underproduced rock, no energy, no songs.[BD]
- Economic Roulette / Keep It To Yourself 7" Latour, 1980
Paul Orr (Deprogrammer) was in the band along with some others whose names look familiar. Anyway, wimpy pop... not a complete disgrace, but it will probably never make my turntable again.[RR] One side is decent pop with a little bite. My friend Mark says the flip sounds like Jimmy Buffet, I never had older brothers so I thankfully can't comment.[HW]
D-DAY Austin
- Too Young To Date / Every Time I Ask You Out 7" Moment DDS8001, 1979 PS
- Right To Know / Your History 7" Moment Productions DDS-8111, 1982
- Too Young To Date / Cooking For Someone 12" Moment, 1980
- D-Day LP A&M, 1983
New wavy. Too Young To Date is fun (lines like "I've got a boyfriend and his name is Michael, he's just told me about my menstrual cycle"). Right To Know is good. Your History is boring.[PR] Right To Know is atrocious New Wave pop that wouldn't be out of place on the Valley Girl soundtrack.[HW]
- Fallout / Skid Row Kid // Radio Anarchy / Scungy Girl
				  	7" Hit And Run HR-601, 1982 PS
Very good punk, especially Scungy Girl.[PR]
DELTA Austin
- Diagrams Of Women / Mr E. Chaos 7" Classified 004, 1981
Experimental artwave.[CW] Dull.[PR]
- Discipline // S&M / Slammed In The Door 7" At Last AL 001, 1980 NS
- 80-81 / Instant Passion 7" At Last RPD 001, 1981 PS
- Deprogrammer LP Mystic 33106, 1982
  (Heroine / Subject Object / Letting Go / Take Th' Blame /
   Nightmares / Denmark // No Way / Forever / Propaganda / Complex)
All but one member of the band is from Dallas. Scott Shannon (AKA Richard Scott on the record) is from San Diego... yup that's right we all be from Garland TX. We went to L.A. for the record deal with Mystic.[Cary Fulfer] Instant Passion is decent pop-punk. 80-81 pretty dull.[PR] Instant Passion is a killer song, agree the flip is lame though.[SD] The LP is great guitarpunk chugs, nicely influenced by the Avengers and Flesheaters.[CW]If I thought the LP sounded anything like the Avengers or Flesheaters I would open my sealed copy.[BD]
- Heroes De Plastico 12" VVV LP006, 1981
  (Your Cheating Heart / Johnny Q / Scream & Shout // Maneater /
   Landslide / What To Do / Kitchen Appliances)
Solid but kinda tuneless mid-tempo guitar riffpunk.[CW] Texan nuevo wave. The Hank Williams cover is worthwhile. A couple of others are decent as well.[PR]
DICKS Austin
- Hate The Police 7" Radical NR12142, 1980 PS
                     bootleg, white labels "#1/500 Made In United
                                       Kingdom" on back of sleeve)
                     1-2-3-4 Go!, 2012 PS
  (The Dicks Hate The Police // Lifetime Problems / All Night Fever)
- Peace? 7" RRadical RRR-45-D2, 1984 PS
  (No Fuckin' War // Nobody Asked Me / I Hope You Get Drafted)
- Recorded Live At Raul's Club (One 7" by Big Boys, other by Dicks)
        			split 2x7" Selfless SFLS-10, 199?
  (Fake Bands / Shit Fool // Kill From The Heart / Shit On Me)
- Live At Raul's (split with The Big Boys) LP Rat Race RRR80351, 1981
  (Fake Bands / Dicks Hate Police / Dead In A Motel Room / Wheelchair
   Epidemic / Babysit / Shit On Me / Lifetime Problems / Suicide Note
   / Shit Fool / Love Song)
- Kill From The Heart LP SST 017, 1983
			 bootleg, early 1999
  (Anti Klan (Part 1) / Rich Daddy / No Nazi's Friend / Marilyn Buck
   / Kill From The Heart / Little Boys Feet / Pigs Run Wild /
   Bourgeois Fascist Pig // Anti Klan (Part 2) / Purple Haze / Right
   Wing/White Wing / Dicks Can't Swim 1. Cock Jam 2. Razor Blade
- These People LP Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 43, 1985
  (The Police (Force) / Off-Duty Sailor / Executive Dive / Sidewalk
   Begging / Lost And Divided / Dead In A Motel Room // Cities Are
   Burning / Doctor Dandy / Decent And Clean / Legacy Of Man /
   Little Rock`n'Roller / George Jackson)
- Dicks 1980-1986 CD Alternative Tentacles, 1997
  Tracks from Hate The Police, Kill From The Heart and later releases.
Hate The Police is one of the bona fide US punk classics, truly amazing. The Live At Rauls side is not bad, good songs but lacking energy or something (starts with a bang though - Fake Bands and Hate The Police). The SST LP drags so I've never made it to the Alt Tent release.[HW] Despite the reputation of the 45 their two best songs are on first album: Rich Daddy & Pigs Run Wild. Unfortunately this album is marred by an atrocious eight minute jam. The second album has a few decent tracks but the sound is far removed from the earlier records. [BD] Cool Beans magazine issue #5 has a live track Saturday Night At The Bookstore.
THE DOO Dallas
- Soho / Trash 7" VVV 010, 1981
Kind of like The Jam, mid-career Clash and ska mixed together.[PR] ...i.e. dull.[HW]
- Wake Up Or Meltdown 7" CIA 0011, 1983
  (R-U-Ready / Attack / Pissed // Annihilation / Last Day)
Fairly generic hardcore.[PR]
- White Collar Worker / Armed Robbery 7" Electric Slum E.S.R #1, 1978
E.S.R. was a recording studio (they also put out the Are We Too Late For The Trend LP). What's hilarious is the almost complete absence of production skills evident. Was this supposed to promote their skills behind the desk? Despite the charming murkiness, the songs shine through. White Collar Worker is great riffing rock and the flipside is also happening, though it takes a few listens.[HW] Dot Vaeth is about as lo-fi as it gets. Wholly primitive and rockin'. The singer sings on the Superman's Girlfriend track on the ESR comp. James Flory (bass or guitar?) played with Nervebreakers and Barry Kooda Combo.[RR] A lo-fi hall-of-famer to be sure, recorded live to two-track (a cheap or broken machine I assume).[BD]
D.R.I. Houston
- Dirty Rotten 7" Dirty Rotten DRI183, 1983
  (Sad To Be / War Crimes / Busted / Draft Me / F.D.R.C. / Capitalist
   Suck / Misery Loves Company / No Sense / Blockhead // I Don't Need
   Society / Commuter Man / Plastique / Why / Balance of Terror / My
   Fate To Hate / Who Am I? / Money Stinks / Human Waste / Yes Ma'am /
   Dennis's Problem / Closet Punk / Reaganomics)
- Violent Pacification 7" RRadical, DRI-7-2, 1984
  (Violent Pacification // Running Around / Couch Slouch / To Open
   Closed Doors)
- Dirty Rotten LP RRadical, DRR 1983, 1984
  (same songs as on the 7" EP)
Mostly average hardcore though it has its moments. Subsequent releases are shitty speedmetal crap and should be avoided.[PR]
- Hydrohead / Little Johnny 7" VVV 005, 1981 PS
Good psych-punk on the A, the less said about the flipside the better.[HW] The straight ahead poppunk on the flip comes as a surprise given the insanely twisted A-side. Another case of accidental greatness.[BD]
- White Girls LP Ultra Violet, 1983
I've heard one song War Games. Decent power pop.[PR]
- Explosives 7" Black Hole BH 6171, 1979 PS
  (Come Clean / Summertime Come // I Won't Go Back To Work / I'm An Explosive)
- Push The Button 7" Black Hole BH 1980-1, 1980
  (If I Touch Her / UFO (amol) // Fortress Europe / Cola Brain)
- A Girl Like You / Headhunter 7" Black Hole BH 1981-1, 1981
- Restless Natives LP Ready Go RRLP1001, 1981
The first is decent pop punk, the second not as good and the third rather lame, although Headhunter is an OK surf instrumental.[PR] They also backed Roky Erikson for a while. Well regarded amongst powerpop collectors.
- People / Naked Kiss 7" Classified NR-11999-1, 1980
OK record. Female singer, kinda like Siouxsie & The Banshees.[PR]
FAD Austin
- Think / Run On Back To You 7" ARS-TF 92679, 1979
Think is OK pop-new wave. Other song very lame new wave.[PR] Basic Merseybeat pop. Both tracks are very good for this style.[BD]
7" rumoured on Live Wire, I think only a cassette came out.[HW]
FOAMS Austin
- Gay Boys / Paint Me // Wanton / Shoes 7" Pet Me Quick NR12582, 1981
Ah, the Foams... the question comes down to this: so bad it's GOOD, or so bad it's BAD? Recently, Dr. Kugelberg deemed the Foams a "classic of sorts" on his quacky "Top 100 D.I.Y. list" and ever since pro-Foams forces have been rallying. In my book, the Foams tipped the argument in their favor long ago by simply committing the songs to vinyl. Then (and even perhaps now), it was sheer audacity. The recording is endearingly raw, the lyrics are delightfully inane, and the musicianship gives hope to anyone (like myself) who's never picked up an instrument... in short, it's got EVERYTHING and that includes a hand-decorated picture sleeve.[Tall Dark LeRoy] Slits-like.[PR]
- Go Blank / Fun In the Sun / Get It Off Your Chest / Now That I'm A
  Talking Head 7" own label, 1979
- Earthquake At The OK Coral LP VVV LP-02, 1981
  (Ship Of Fools / Meal Time [For Finicky Eaters] / Out Of My Mind /
   Love Scar / Living By Proxy / The Beginning Of The End Etc. /
   Cat Call / From Here To Eternity / Yeti Isolation / Time Is Not On
   My Side / Cold Love Affair / Oh, No, Not Me / Big Deal)
I like the Live At The Hot Club track, the 7" has some decent moments. The LP is quirky pop/new wave I guess. Certainly not the worst on the VVV label (that honour would have to go to the Frenetics LP). Not much (if any) punk in it but at least they seem to be putting some energy into it. I've spent $5 on a lot worse.[PR]
- Mister Completely / Glee Club / There Is A Shotgun Wired To My Jaw /
  Judge Wapner's Decision  7"  VVV 014, 1982
- Not From England LP VVV LP004, 1981
  (This Is Not Coincidence / Chronocide / Safety First / Violent World /
   You're An Angel...Aren't You? / Vexed Question / Automatic Writing /
   Animation / Burning Bodies / Shake Hands At Ground Zero / Egyptian
   Technology / Anthrax And Voodoo / News For Us To Read / You Can
   Hold / Artistic Integrity)
Excellent hard guitar and electronics grooves.[CW] Side A is horrid new wave, pretty much unlistenable. Side B is better, nothing special, vague hints of punk, something I might listen to once every 5 years. The 7" is nowhere near as good as Chuck's description would lead you to believe. It IS better than the LP however. More of a postpunk/art sort of sound rather than just bad new wave like the LP.[PR]
- I Want (To Be Your Moon) / Red Pony 7" Hors D'oeurve 001, 1980
Experimental. Sally Norvell's Farfisa garage/pop/wave act.[CW]
HASKELLS Houston or Austin?
- Pop Art / Magazine Girls 7" Spotless 1, 1981
- Fatter and More Modern 12" ???, ???,
The 7" a-side is good generic powerpop. The other side is more new wave.[BD] Five song 12" comes in a blank cover and it's rep is bad new wave. I couldn't shell out the $12.[RR]
HATES Houston
- No Talk In The 80s / New Spartans // All The Whites Are Going Negro
  / Last Hymn 7" Faceless 001 (071279), 1979 PS
- Do The Caryl Chessman / Soldier // Bored With The Boys / City On Ice
  	      7" Faceless 002, 1980 PS
- So What / Not My Kind // Sciences' Fiction / Houston
	      7" Faceless 63079, 1981 PS
- Panacea LP Faceless no number, 1982
     (Houston / Nuclear Age / Science's Fiction / Also Watched // Punk
      1301 / Cut The Shit / This Year's Model / What Am I Living For)
- Contamination Disc CD Bullet! BANG!3, 1993, Germany
     (First Strike / Down And Out / Teenage Psychopath / Hotspot / Outside The
      Law / Another War / Shut Up / Junkyard Gang II / Dead Or Alive / Yankee
      Juggernaut / Apathy / Degenerate / Raw Meat Cleave (all The Seventh Hates
      Recording: "New World Oi" (1992)) / No Talk In The '80s / New Spartans /
      All The Whites / Last Hymn (People's Temple) (all The First Hates
      Recording, 12 July 1979) / Do The Caryl Chessman / Soldier / Bored With
      The Boys / City On Ice  (all The Second Hates Recording, 23 December 1979)
      / So What (If Your Mother Kicks Me In The Nuts) / Not My Kind (The Third
      Hates Recording, 30 June 1979) / Houston / Nuclear Age / Science's
      Fiction / Also Watched / Punk 1301 / This Year's Model / What Am I
      Living For? (all The Fourth Hates Recording, "Panacea" 1982 (non-LP mix)))
The first two 7"s are decent, speedy punk, if anything a little tuneless. The third is a lot better - So What and Not My Kind are both excellent fast punk tracks. The CD contains the singles and some tracks from the late 80s.[HW] There are two different sleeves for the first 7" - first one is a xerox with crude lettering, second has a band photo and more professional typeset print. They have a website.
- Cone Johnson 7" Cygnus CY-001, 1981 PS
  (Zyklon B / Where'd You Go Sid // Charity / Money Means So Much To Me)
- Hugh Beaumont Experience 7" EV EV-01, 1991
  (Zyklon B / Money Means So Much To Me // Moo...(*) / Let's Go Join
   The Army (**)
  * from Cottage Cheese LP
  ** from Live At The Hot Club LP
- Virgin Killers LP EV EV-06, 1993
  (Let's Go Join The Army / Pigs And Frogs / I'm Shrinking / The Man
   Who Shot The Pope / Police State USA / End Authority / What
   Happened To Me / Eric's On Thorazine / Counting Song / I Wanna Be
   Used / La Grange // I Don't Wanna Go To Bellevue / Eric's On
   Thorazine / Pigs And Frogs / Private Dachau / The Man Who Shot The
   Pope / Police State USA / Masculinity Complex / I Wanna Be Used /
   KGB / In The Name Of Industry / I'm Shrinking / End Authority /
   What Happened To Me / Counting Song)
The 7" is great piece of weedy teen punk, a highlight of the genre. Side one of the LP is live in Fort Worth, April/May 1982. Side two is studio recordings. Worthwhile but more in the hardcore vein than the single.[HW] Most of the original pressing destroyed by an "angry girlfriend". There are rare promo copies with asterisked sleeves (i.e. H*** B******* Experience) and promo stickers on the record itself.[RR] Ryan recently spoke to the "angry girlfriend" and debunked the story.
HUNS Austin
- Busy Kids / Glad He's Dead 7" God GOD001, 1979 PS+insert
   (also many hand labelled test pressings, with photo insert, NS)
   (reissue/bootleg? 7" no label U32663, 1992 (ps is photocopy of a
    photo of lead singer being arrested))
- The Huns Live LP EV 10, 1995
  (Violence / Busy Kids/ You're A Loser / Murder In Texas / Forgotten
   Graves // Kill All Men / Listen To Me /Capt. Paramecium / Glad He's 
   Dead / Huns Go Hey Hey Hey)
Glad He's Dead is amazing JFK-abuse. Busy Kids is unique slow pop.[HW]

THE HUNS: Despite (or maybe because of) all evidence to the contrary I still say they rule.[HW]

THE HUNS: Phil Tolstead, cop kisser, gets arrested.

- High Art 7" Wow 001, 1986?/1980 PS
  (Depression Baby / Shut Yer Face // I'm Manic / High Art)
- Poor Man's ZZ Top 7" Matako Mazuki MM#5, 1986 PS
  (Big Bad Texas Millionaire / Jealous Mind / Anti-Bacterial Stomp //
   It's So Lonely / Political Science)
- What It Is! LP Matako Mazuki Inner Sanctum 001, 1984

First is decent punk bashing.[PR] Pre Hickoids, first single recorded live at Raul's in 1980. Second ain't so hot.[HW]
high art - limited hand-colored ps
- Intellicide / Hot Rox / WW III / Vacancy / The New One 7" Freeway 0182, 1982 PS
The Bloodstains track is arguably the best but all four tracks are in a similar vein. The thin sound detracts a bit from a fine record.[BD]
- Doctor's Wives // Us-The Products / Rent Raiser
          		         7" Classified NR12586, 1981 PS+insert
Doctor's Wives is fantastic bass driven punk.[HW]
- What Can You Say? How Will They Take It? LP Family Fun, 1981
  (Human Trash / Shoot 'Em Down / Love Theme From Sharon Tate's Baby
   / Spy Vs Spy +10)
Fairly mediocre quirky poppunk/wave. [BD]
JUDYS Houston
- Teenage Hangups 7" Wasted Talent 501, 1980
  (You Let Me Down / All The Pretty Girls // Space Age)
- Girl Of 1000 Smells (English) / Girl Of 1000 Smells (Russian)
    					7" Wasted Talent JWT 5019, 1987
- Wonderful World of Appliances 12" Wasted Talent ???, 1980
  (Radiation Squirm / Zoo / How's Gary? // Vacation In Tehran / Dogs
   / Underwater Fun)
- Washarama LP Wasted Talent JWT 2324, 1981
  (High Society / Her Wave / Man On A Window Ledge / T.V. / Rerun /
   Mental Obsession // Girls! Girls! Girls! / Right Down The Line /
   You Never Call Me / Guyana Punch / She's Got The Beat / All The
   Pretty Girls)
- The Moo LP Wasted Talent JWT 4044, 1985
  (Teenage Millionaire / Magazine Man / Trixie & The Killer / He's
   The One For Her / Wilma A Go-Go / Joey The Mechanical Boy // Grass
   Is Greener / Perfect Crime / Ghost In A Bikini / Don't Be A Hippie
   / Milk/ The Moo Song)
Hilarious, sometimes tasteless pop and punk.[PR] Paul's comment is certainly true of the first EP, but Washarama is really solid, probably their best release. It has quite a few straightforward, fairly serious, minimalist pop songs (High Society, Her Wave, Mental Obsession) that aren't funny or satiric. At times on Moo they start to seem like a parody of themselves.[JG]

The second 7" (on white vinyl) comes in a box with a lyric insert and a booklet called A Guide To Good Odors, which discusses some of the finer points of personal hygiene. The box is numbered out of 1000. The song is a good pop song. At 7 minutes, If it were about three minutes shorter it would be much better![PR] Check out a Judys fanpage. There were also two solo recs: David Bean - Modomusic LP Wasted Talent JWT-3517, 1983 (Marsha's Car / My Imagination / Island // Watch Her Go / I Project / Betty-O! / Keep Breathing) and Jeffrey Walton - Danger Boy 7" O'Tropiko, 1983 (Danger Boy / They Go Down // Big Whoop De Doo / Tropical Sonata In E-Flat)

- Happy Thoughts LP Unseen Hand UHT 727-2, 1983?/7
  (Five Day Month / Accomplice / Leg Of lamb / Happy Powers // Bad Sleep 
   / Fail / The Dictionary Struggle / Nothing Frosted / Lofty Thoughts)
Interesting jangly artpunkfunk noise. Their song Ambivalence was recorded by the Big Boys.[PR]
- Atomic War / Don't Step On My Shoes 7" Austown 801, 1980 PS
Decent punky A-side. Reissued with a different B-side a year later under the band name Roentgens. See listing in the 2nd half of this discography. One or two other records issued by Keling are decidedly not punk.[JF]
- What Do You Want From Me? / Guns And Bullets 7" Wirz WR001, 1981 PS
Decent rock-punk. [PR]

- Atomic Gears In Motion / Plastic Surgeon 7" Urban Doughboy, 1983
From Fort Worth maybe, bad new wave I'm told.[HW]
- Purgatory 7" Primitive 1982
It's not punk.[BD]
- 12" 983
From Denton, somebody I know had this and played it and it was real bad.[RR]
- You Might Need It 12" Yoicks, 1983
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