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In case you haven't been properly introduced, up above you see the sleeve art for two of the finer LPs to come out of Australia and in the case of the one on the left, probably the finest LP ever made - either from Australia or anywhere. Thanks to Steve Gardner - his great Chis Bailey interview was the source for the pictures.

I collect punk records recorded between 1976 and 1983 but if it's good I don't care when it's from. I'm particularly interested in records from Australia. If you have any general or special interest in this area feel free to email me. People sometimes ask me what's happening in Australia these days. Surrounded by a surfeit of awful hardcore, there's two bands I really like - Big Bongin' Baby (you probably ignored their Appetite For A Whopper LP from 2001) and the Onyas. 1+2 Records in Japan explain the Onyas appeal far more lucidly than I ever could, I quote: "They are fast paced powerful punk rock trio. Needless to say, thier all release are killer. Wall of guitars, mega-hard drivin' rhythm, a lot of scrream!". Another recent record I liked was the Pumping Yabbies With ep by Brisbane band The Money. The Sailors' Violent Masturbation Blues LP is also great.

Records I'm looking for:

I have plenty of records to trade.

There's a couple of Australian punk records I really need. Please get in touch if you think you may be able to help.

The records I need to get are:

  • The Saints - Eternally Yours LP issued in Japan with obi;
  • Fun Things - When The Birdmen Fly 7", original with near mint sleeve and disc;
  • Just Urbain - Everybody Loves Just Urbain 7" in original silkscreened sleeve;
  • The Leftovers - Cigarettes And Alcohol 7" in sleeve;
  • Thought Criminals - Hilton Bomber 7" with sleeve.

Some other Australian pop/DIY records I'm looking for:
  • Height/Dismay - Mother's Footsteps 7",
  • Illusions - LP,
  • KAOS - 7" Melbourne,
  • The Limp - Lost My Appetite 7" in a 12" sleeve.
I could also use copies of the following records:
  • Texas: Ejectors 7", Inanimate Objects 7", Skunks first 7", Offenders - Lost Causes 7", Ralphs 7";
  • California: Insults - Pop Zero 7", John Vomit - Picked Off The Litter 7", Cardiac Kidz - Get Out 7", Sick & The Lame 7", Rotters - Sink the Whales 7", Vectors 7", Jackie Shark & The Beach Butchers - Mary Lou 7", Opus - The Atrocity 7", Executives - Jetset 7" (in sleeve), The Press - Hacker 7", Hollywood Squares - Hillside Strangler 7" (record only, not the sleeve);
  • Pennsylvania: The Five - Act Of Contrition 7", Fingers - Isolation 7";
  • Ohio: Hammer Damage 7", Cowboys 7";
  • Washington: Helen Keller - Surfin With Steve And E.D. Amin 7", Sillykillers 7";
  • Florida: Reactions 7"s, Lethal Yellow 7";
  • New Hampshire: Queers - first 2 7"s, GG Allin first LP;
  • New Jersey: Misfits - Bullet 7" (black vinyl orig in gatefold, thanks), Chronic Sick 12";
  • New York: Victims 7" on Plan 9, Trend - Bandaid 7", The Mad - I Hate Music 7", Nothing - Scream & Cry 7", Jack Tragic and The Unfortunates - I Kill Hippies 7", Fems - Go To A Party 7", Manikenz - I Don't Want Romance 7", Sinatras - Teddy Crashes 7";
  • North Carolina: Village Pistols 7";
  • Indiana: Zero Boys 7";
  • Illinois: DV8 - Guns On The Right 7", Mentally Ill - Soldier 19 7" in sleeve;
  • Indiana: Zero Boys 7";
  • Kentucky: Endtables - Process Of Elimination 7" in sleeve;
  • Wisconsin: Haskels - Taking The City By Storm 7";
  • Washington DC: Bad Brains - Pay To Cum 7" (original in sleeve + insert);
  • and from Europe: Rebels - Mayday 7" (switz), Briard - I Really Hate Ya 7" (fin);
  • and the UK: Disorder - Air Raid 7", Blitz Boys 7";
  • and Japan: Tsunematsu Masatoshi - Gozira 7";
  • and our Canadian friends: Gentlemen Of Horror 7" (either sleeve), Teenage Head - Picture My Face (Can sleeve), Siggy Magic 7";
  • and New Zealand: Henchmen - Do The Maelstrom 12".


I have compiled and keep exhaustive discographies of the following bands/genres. If you search the web you might find a Half Japanese discography I did a few years ago as well - I'm not sure where it resides at present.


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