Discography of Ohio Punk 1976-1983

Henry Weld

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The discography is broken into the following hopefully self-explanatory sections:

Label listings

AK47s			Cleveland
- Monster Movie / Another Drug 7" NR
  Robert Conn of the Pagans and Larry Lewis who had a magazine called
  Mongoloid. Recorded but never released.[HW]
  Another Drug was never studio recorded though it was part of the set list.
  Monster Movie was recorded the same day as the released Accident at Paul
  Marotta's Styrene studio. Mike Hudson produced.[Rand Primos, bass

Baloneyheads			Cleveland
- I'm A Drunk // Life's Rough / D.T.'s 7" O-No NR12007, 1980 PS
  Good funny punk (well, I laughed).[HW]
Bernie & The Invisibles Cleveland - Away I Go / I Don't Know Where I Am 7" Drome DR4, NR - I Don't Know Where I Am / Let's Leave Tonight / Chinese Church 7" Drome, NR Neither of the 7"s listed in Volume were issued.[HW] Broncs Cleveland - Tele-k-killing / Reasons To Whine // Part Of The Problem 7" Terminal TERM3, 1981 PS Great record. Two different sleeves.[HW]
Cheetah Chrome Cleveland/New York - Still Wanna Die / Take Me Home 7" Ork NYC5, 1979 PS Great record. Beware the Sympathy rerecording with Jeff Dahl from 1989.[HW] Chronics Cleveland - Test Tube Baby / Calling All Cardinals 7" Nuclear NUKE101/102, 1978 PS Really great record from the offbeat punk/pop end of the spectrum.[HW]
Clocks Cleveland - Tick Tock Man / Confidentially Renee 7" Terminal 008013, 1980 PS - Wake Me When It's Over LP After Hours 101, 1983 Tick Tock Man has a Cramps influence but it's no Garbageman. The flipside is kinda bland pop. The LP, which was released under the bandname Radio Alarm Clocks, has some interesting stuff - instrumentals, pop - but no punk rock.[HW]
Cowboys Columbus - Supermarket / Teenage Life 7" Tet Offensive TOR1, 1980 PS Kinda rote punk but, yeah, pretty good.[HW]
Customs Cincinnati - Let's Get It On / Bring My Cadillac Back 7" Shake It ST002, 1980 PS - Long Gone / She'll Always Be Mine 7" Shake It ST004, 1980 PS - Real Long Gone CD Shake It 513, 1998 (Long Gone / She'll Always Be Mine / Bring My Cadillac Back / Let's Get It On / Is She Sore / Strychnine / Ship Sailed At Six / Have Love Will Travel / Keep My Big Mouth Shut / 99th Floor / The Frog / Bertha Lou / I Couldn't Get High / Bad News / Writing On The Wall / Mimi / Papa Lou) Long Gone is a really great song - sort of like an updated sixties punk track but definitely seventies (no throwback). Other songs are too pleasant but well executed pop/rock.[HW]
Ed Davis Band Cincinnati - Keith Richard's Dead / Asshole 7" Enright 8083-S-27, 1978 PS Clumsy rock with a small nod to punk. Partly unlistenable.[HW] Was to have been Shake It! 001, but wasn't.[BD]
Dead Boys Cleveland/New York - Sonic Reducer / Down In Flames 7" US Sire 1004, 1977 PS CAN Sire 1147-1004, 1977 PS - Sonic Reducer // Little Girl / Down In Flames 7" UK Sire 1004, 1977 NS - Sonic Reducer (mono) / Sonic Reducer (stereo) 7" Sire 1004, 1977 - Sonic Reducer / Heartbreakers - Born to Lose 7" promo IT RCA PXB6122, 1977 PS - Tell Me // Not Anymore / Ain't Nothin' To Do 7" Sire SRE1029, 1978 PS also UK issue in different PS but same cat# - Tell Me / Not Anymore 7" JP Sire SFL2371, PS - Tell Me (mono) / Tell Me (stereo) 7" Sire SRE 1029, 1978 NS - Search And Destroy (live) / Calling On You (live) 7" FR Revenge SS-2, 1988/1979 PS - Sonic Reducer / Born To Lose by the Heartbreakers split 7" IT Sire promo PXB6122 - Sonic Reducer // Little Girl / Down In Flames 12" UK Phonogram 6078-609, 1977 - Sonic Reducer // Little Girl / Down In Flames 12" BE Phonogram 6078-609, 1977 - Young Loud And Snotty LP US Sire SRK6038, 1977 UK Sire 9103-329, 1977 CA Sire 9147-6038, 1977? DE Sire 926038-1, 1977 IT Sire SR6038, 1977 NE Philips 6370815, 1977 JP Philips RJ7332, 1977 JP Sire LSD-4009, 1978 (Sonic Reducer / All This And More / What Love Is / Not Anymore / Ain't Nothin' To Do // Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth / Hey Little Girl / I Need Lunch / High Tension Wire / Down In Flames) - We Have Come For Your Children LP UK/US Sire SRK-6054, 1978 DE Sire/Ariola 26-387-XOT NOR Sire JP Phonogram RJ7575, 1979 IT Pyrovox, 2000 (3rd Generation Nation / I Won't Look Back / (I Don't Wanna Be No) Catholic Boy / Flame Thrower Love / Son of Sam // Tell Me / Big City / Calling on You / Dead and Alive / Ain't It Fun) - The Night Of The Living Dead Boys LP Bomp BLP4017, 1981 Recorded CBGBs March 1979 FR Lolita 5013, 1981 DE Line LLP5117, 1981 (Detention Home / 3rd Generation Nation / Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth / All This And More / Tell Me / Catholic Boy / Won't Look Back // Ain't It Fun / What Love Is / Ain't Nothin' To Do / I Need Lunch / Son Of Sam / Sonic Reducer) - The Return Of The Living Dead Boys LP FR Revenge MIG-4, 1988 Recorded live 22 July 1977 at CBGBs - Younger, Louder And Snottier LP boot?, Necrophilia NECRO1, 1989??? Bomp BLP4064, 1997 (Sonic Reducer / All This And More / What Love Is / Not Anymore / Ain't Nothin' To Do // Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth / Hey Little Girl / I Need Lunch / High Tension Wire / Down In Flames) 2xCD - All This & More Mostly overrated, the two LPs stink of meddling record company fingers. There are some great moments though.[HW] Also on lotsa comps. Canadian Sire pressings of Young Loud And Snotty apparently contain different versions of Ain't Nothin' To Do, I Need Lunch and Down In Flames.
Defnics Cleveland - 51% / Hello From Berlin 7" Terminal TER5, 1981 PS A pretty good one.[HW]
Dennis The Menace Cincinnati - Go Go Wah Wah / In My Reflection // Working Girls / 1980's 7" Dennis The Menace 006026, 1980 PS Dissidents Cleveland - Conformity Is Deformity LP Smog Veil SV17, 2000/1980-82 (Introduction / Modern Emotions / School Days / You Make Me Sick Christmas Card / Adult Essence / Bias Ab Irato / Detention / Rainbow / Dead Air / Let's Get Rid Of Grandma Cause She Doesn't Match The Drapes // The Almighty Dollar / Presidential Threat / Mutant In The Gene Pool / Trip Out / Fiscal Year / 10 Cent Photo / The Merv / Pipeline / Grandma Forever...) Easter Monkeys - Splendor Of Sorrow LP Hit & Run HR6, 1990/1983 (Take Another Pill / Monkey See Monkey Do / Underpants / 14th Floor / Nailed To The Cross // Camera Fo' / My Baby Digs Graves / Heaven 357 / Watchoo Wan?) Members came from Impalers, Kneecappers, also Jim Jones and Linda Hudson (Mike's sis). A truly mighty band universally worshipped by those of us who were there. The LP is not as mindboggling as they were live but still pretty great.[Dave from Scat?] The Edge Cincinnati - Death To A.O.R. // Leave Home / Newport Gestapo 7" Smear VD1/2, 1983/4 PS Another 7" on Throbbing Lobster after a move to Boston.
Die Electric Eels Cleveland - Cyclotron / Agitated 7" UK Rough Trade RT008, 1978 PS UK Agitated IMSO000, 2010 PS - Spin Age Blasters / Bunnies 7" Mustard MUST107, 1982/1975 PS - Having A Philosophical Discussion With The Electric Eels LP Tinnitus HR191304, 1989 (Agitated / Refrigerator / Tidal Wave / Anxiety / Natural Situation // Cyclotron / Sewercide / Jaguar Ride / Bunnies / As If I Cared) [Natural Situation and As If I Cared are live 14 August 1975, rest live at the Eels' loft 28 April 1975] - God Says Fuck You CD Homestead HMS174, 1991, US (Agitated / Cyclotron / Refrigerator / Tidal Wave / Anxiety / Natural Situation / Cold Meat / Cyclotron (Giganto) / Sewercide / Jaguar Ride / You're Full Of Shit / No Nonsense / Accident / Bunnies / Cards And Fleurs / As If I Cared / Spin Age Blasters) - Their Organic Majesties Request CD, UK - Agitated: 1975 LP 1999/1975 (Agitated / Cyclotron / Refrigerator / Tidal Wave / Anxiety / Cold Meat / Cyclotron (Giganto) / Sewercide / Jaguar Ride / You're Full Of Shit / No Nonsense / Accident / Bunnies / Cards And Fleurs / Spin Age Blasters) - Eyeball Of Hell 2xLP Scat, 2002 Cyclotron / Agitated is pretty untouchable, everything in-the-red...what the fu... avant rock crap, and maybe their finest moment. Well, Tidal Wave, Sewercide are great too. The second 7" is slower extended workouts recorded live in 1975. Check out this webpage.[HW]
F-Models Kent - Nobody Loves Me / Russia Rocks 7" T.M.I. 007, 1981 PS - God Fearing Man / It's Not Right 7" T.M.I. 017, 1982 PS Boring "almost-punk."[BD]
nobody loves me god fearing man
Frankenstein Cleveland - Eve Of The Dead Boys 10" Hell Yeah, HELL37 PS (Sonic Reducer // High Tension Wire / Down In Flames) 1975 demos. Hammer Damage Cleveland - Automatic Lips / Laugh 7" Broken 1000, 1979 PS Last Laugh HAW-015, 2011 PS - Keep My Eye On You / Brain Wash / Nervous 12" Nuclear Football 001, 1982
Human Sufferage Columbus - Human Sufferage 12" New Age 103881/103882, 1983 (Nowhere Fast / 100% Middle Class / Results Are Still The Same // No Place Like Home / Dress Code / Vocal Nonsense / Iamwhatiam) - Thank You Mother Dear LP New Age, 1984
Jet Boys Columbus - I Don't Want To / Get The Kids Jumpin 7" New Age NA1004, 1981 PS I Don't Want To also appears on a radio station comp, the Q-FM-96 Hometown Album Project Volume 3 LP.[JF]
Kneecappers Cleveland - Urban Kill LP Buckwheat Headlock Productions BHP02, 1996/1978-80 (Tumor / I Don't Wanna Go To Dallas / Love On The Sidewalk / Blood On The Windshield / Emergency Room / Smokin' Heroin // Urban Kill / West Virginia Refugee / Sleepin' With You In My Heart / Hitler's On The March / We Will Bury You / Die For Art / Dear Richard) Started in 1978 as the Dead Kennedys (each band of this name unknown to the other). Changed their name. This LP is studio tracks from `78 and live from `80, and is 90% smoking punk rock. Lepers Cleveland - Light Up A Pack / Coitus Interruptus // Flipout / Cops 7" Drome DR6, 1979 PS Decent to good punk with some unpredictable guitar stylings. Cops is probably the best track (nice cowbells). The female vocals on two of the tracks and some of the guitar solos are a bit mid-70s rock for me.[HW]
Martyr - Silent Night '80 / Cleveland (I Love You) 7" Lady Knives RS-101, 1979 NS Punk version of xmas tune.[BD] Monitors Cleveland - Trouble / Rip Your Dress 7" Boo Wit NR12659, 1981 PS
Offbeats Mentor - Why Do You Hang Out? 7" Oops! OOP002, 1983 PS (In A Rush / Maybe / Nothing For Me / Getting Fat // Why Do You Hang Out? / Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are? / Look At Them Go / Go Away) Speedriff bratcore.[CW] Another "jangly" 7" in 1986.
Pagans Cleveland - Six And Change / Six And Change 7" Neck PP1143, 1977 NS - Street Where Nobody Lives / What's This Shit Called Love? 7" Drome DR1, 1978 PS then in 1987 on Terminal, 100 old records in new sleeves - Not Now, No Way / I Juvenile 7" Drome DR5, 1979 PS then in 1987 on Terminal, 600 new records in old sleeves - Dead End America / Little Black Egg 7" Drome DR7 PS then in 1987 on Terminal, 600 new records in old sleeves - Dead End America 87 / Secret Agent Man 7" Treehouse TR03, 1987 - Don't Leave Me Alone / Real World 7" Bona Fide BF7004, 1988 PS - Us & All Our Friends Are So Messed Up / Heart Of Stone 7" Treehouse TRPR01, 1988 - Her Name Was Jane / I Do 7" Treehouse TR021, 1990 - Family Fare 12" Treehouse, 1990 (Her Name Was Jane / I Do / Shunyata // I Stand Slone / Slice Of Life / Us & All Our Friends Are So Messed Up) - Pagans LP Terminal TERM007, 1983 (Nowhere To Run / Give Till It Hurts / Slow Street / Cry 815 / Angela / Seventh Son // Multiple Personalities / When I Die / Cleveland Confidential / Dead End America / Wall Of Shame / Six And Change) - Pink Album LP Treehouse 006, 1987 - Buried Alive LP Treehouse 002, 1985 [first 4 7"s + 10 songs, '77-'79] (Street Where Nobody Lives / Haven't Got The Time / I Juvenile / Dead End America / I Don't Understand / Not Now No Way / Heart Of Stone / Boy, Can I Dance Good // What's This Shit Called Love? / Eyes Of Satan / Little Black Egg / Yeah Yeah / Real World / Can't Explain / Give Up / Dream Lover / Six And Change) [comp of 4 7"s + 10 songs, 1977-79] - Live! The Godlike Power Of The Pagans LP Treehouse TR004, 1987 (Street Where Nobody Lives / Cry 7-11 / She's A Cadaver (And I Gotta Have Her) / Dead End America / Multiple Personalities / Give Up / I Want It All / Don't Leave Me Alone // Haven't Got The Time / Eyes Of Satan / I Stand Alone / I Don't Understand / Not Now No Way / Six And Change) - Street Where Nobody Lives LP Resonance 08907-2, 1989 (Street Where Nobody Lives / Real World (1979) / Don't Leave Me Along / Haven't Got The Time / Eyes of Satan / She's A Cadaver / Give Up / Boy Can I Dance Good / What's This Shit Called Love / Dead End America / I Juvenile / I Don't Understand / Not Now, No Way / Six And Change) - Pirates Cove 9/24/79 LP Thermionic, 199? (Real World / Dead End America / Jaguar Ride / Final Solution / Heart Of Stone / Yeah Yeah / Eyes Of Satan / Dream Lover / Street Where Nobody Lives / Little Black Egg / Not Now No Way / Give Up / Don't Leave Me Alone / Secret Agent Man) - Everybody Hates You CD Crypt - Live Road Kill CD 1998 - Shit Street LP Crypt CR090, 2001 (What's This Shit Called Love? / Street Where Nobody Lives / Haven't Got The Time / I Juvenile / Eyes Of Satan / I Don't Understand / Not Now No Way / Don't Leave Me Alone / Boy, Can I Dance Good // Six And Change / Dead End America / Jaguar Ride / Little Black Egg / Yeah Yeah / Heart Of Stone / Real World / She's A Cadaver / Fortue teller / Give Up / Can't Explain) - The Pink Album Plus LP Crypt CR091, 2001
Pink Album reissues the self-titled (with one different take?). Buried Alive comps the 7"s (one different version) and 10 unreleased tracks. Bona Fide 7" flipside is live in '79. Mustard 3003 is the unreleased Pagans - Street Where Nobody Lives LP which later came out on Resonance, test pressings exist. Godlike is from the '86 reunion tour.

All Pagans is worthwhile, highlights for me being Six And Change and What's This Shit Called Love.[HW]

Liner notes to Street Where Nobody Lives:
"Six & Change (October 1977) Produced by the Pagans. This live two-track was recorded in a living room in Mentor, Ohio, engineered by Tommy Mackle. Robert Conn was the lead singer of the band at this time and Mike Hudson was the guitar player. Later re-mastered at Schneider Recording, a studio specializing in polka recordings by an engineer who kept his fingers in his ears during the session. The version is from the original master tape that was released on Neck records.

What's This Shit Called Love/Street Where Nobody Lives (March, 1978) Produced by John Thompson. These eight track recordings were recorded and mixed at Suma Recording, Painesville, Ohio, engineered by Paul Hamann. These are alternate mixes of those previously released on Drome Records and Treehouse Records.

Boy Can I Dance Good/Not Now, No Way/I Juvenile/I Don't Understand (Halloween, 1978) Produced by David Thomas. Same recording info as the tracks above. David Thomas also provided some vocals and musette. These are alternate mixes of those previously released.

Dead End America (Winter 1978) Produced by David Thomas. Recorded at the unbelievably primitive four track Styrene Studio. Engineered by Jamie Klimek and Paul Marotta. Later re-mixed at Suma with Paul Hamann. This is a duplicate version to that released previously.

She's A Cadaver/Give Up (Spring 1979) Produced by Paul Marotta. These live four-track recordings were made at a show on a Saturday afternoon in an empty store-front that was a promotional gig for The Drome, a cool record store in suburban Cleveland. These tracks have never been released, and were only mixed for the first time in 1987 at Noise New York.

Eyes of Satan/Haven't Got the Time/Don't Leave Me Alone/Real World (1979)(October, 1979) Produced by John Thompson and Paul Marotta. These four-track recordings were made as part of the expected first LP by the band. Tension was so high during the sessions that the band broke up (the first time), and the project was never actually finished. Mike Metoff played the organ solo on "Don't Leave Me Alone"; background vocals on Haven't Got The Time were provided by John Thompson, Ellen Zoslov and Jamie Klimek. Don't Leave Me Alone is previously unreleased. The others come from alternate mixes."


Pere Ubu			Cleveland
- 30 Seconds Over Tokyo / Heart Of Darkness 7" Hearthan HR101, 1975 PS
- Final Solution / Cloud 149 7" Hearthan HR102, 1976 PS
- The Modern Dance LP
 For the rest of the discography see the pop/art listing.

(Les Blacks' Amazing) Pink Holes		Cleveland
- We're Glad We Are What We Are LP Eldo Farms 001, 1984
  (Lizzards Are Tough / Ring Of Fire / Mr Serious / Proof Is On The Pad
   / Boney Maroney / Heaven Only Knows / MSB Love // Land Of The Lost /
   I.A.G.A.H. / Brookes' Song / More / Ball And Chain / Waltz Of The Skinheads
   / I'm Cool / We're Glad We Are What We Are)
- Breakfast With The Holes 12" Eldo Farms, 1985
  (The Lion Sleeps Tonight / It Was Pink / Brooks Song // Long Tall Texan /
   My Mother / Baseball Park Fun)
  We're Glad has a studio side and a side recorded at The Lakefront Bar on New Years
  Eve 1983/84. Breakfast With The Holes LP as Les Black's Amazing Pink Holes.

Radio Alarm Clocks			Cleveland
  See the Clocks listing up above.

Mike Rep and the Quotas			Columbus
- Rocket To Nowhere / Quasar 7" Moxie M-1008, 1978/1975 HS
- Mama Was A Schitzo Daddy Was A Vegetable Man / Rocket Music On 7"
                       SWE Old Age Sverige Age 01-003, 2001?/1975-76 PS
  One man, his guitar and crowd noises playing a great piece of protopunk
  on the a-side. Quasar is ambient guitar tones, about 20 years ahead of its
  time. Mike Rep made sleeves for the entire press which was split half`n'half
  between him and Moxie. After some dispute or other Moxie never got their sleeves
  so half the press is sleeveless.[HW]
Revolvers Cleveland - Gimme Your Monkay / At The Border 7" ??? ???, 1983 PS Extremely lo-fi garage, recorded `81. The flip is good garage punk.[BD] Rocket From The Tombs Cleveland - Ain't It Fun / Life Stinks 7" boot Punk Vault PV3, PS 1989?/1975 - Life Stinks LP+7" Jack Slack JS001, 1990 (Raw Power/So Cold / I'm Never Gonna Kill Myself Again / What Love Is / Life Stinks / 30 Seconds Over Toyko // Final Solution / Muckraker / Frustration / Down In Flames / Search And Destroy) includes bonus Ain't It Fun / Transfusion 7" NS A link.
Rubber City Rebels Akron - Young And Dumb / Paper Dolls 7" Flaming Orange RCR926, 1979 PS - Bluer Than Blue (Stereo) / (Mono) 7" Capitol P-4936, 1980 NS - Surprise Surprise / Brain Wave 7" Rubber City Rebels RCR100, 1981 PS - Bizarros / Rubber City Rebels: From Akron split LP Clone CL-001, 1977 (Kidnaped / Such A Fool / Brain Job / Child Eaters / Rubber City Rebels // other side by Bizarros) - Rubber City Rebels LP Capitol ST12100, 1980 (Somebody's Gonna Get (Their Heads Kicked In Tonight) / Paper Dolls / Gonna Be Strong / Child Eaters / Laugh // Young & Dumb / Lonely Fool / Bluer Than Blue / Rubber City Rebels / No Feelings) Split LP is metally garage a la the Blue Oyster Cult, definitely lotsa punk attitude already present. The major label LP is surprisingly decent with interesting covers of Hammer Damage and the Sex Pistols.[HW] Screaming Urge Columbus - Homework / Runaway 7" New Age 002, 1980 PS - Screaming Urge (blue cover) LP Garner GAR101, 1980 (Hitler's In Brazil / I Bleed / Lovey Dovey / We Are Mono // Mercy Beat / War / Do You Think I'm Strange / Die / Waiting For Your Call) - Screaming Urge (b&w cover) LP Rawdeal RAW001, 1981 (I've Got A Message From You / You Make It Hard / I Love Lucy / Hell Yes I'm A Dreamer / All Questions / No Melody / Girl From Outer Space // Not Only For Today / Killa Poe Leese / Fault Of Myself / Lovesick / X-K / Skitzo Brain / Hemophilia) About half the first LP is great, specifically the tracks written by bassist Myke Rock (We Are Mono is outstanding). The second LP maintains a greater overall standard but doesn't reach the peaks of the first. I'm not too familiar with the 7".[HW]
Sluggo Cincinnati - Contradiction 7" Shag Dog 1, 1983 PS (Stitch / Erase The Thought / Suburban Heaven / Of It // Figure It Out / Contradiction / Up & Over / Too Bad)
Strychnine Cleveland - Jack The Ripper / Crazy Women 7" Music Adventures 8034-29, 1978 PS Suspect Device Cleveland - The Image Has Cracked / Kill Ugly Radio 7" Creative Affairs CA-45-001, 1982 PS
Teacher's Pet Akron - Hooked On You / To Kill You 7" Clone CL008, 1978 PS Pretty weak.
Toxic Reasons Dayton - War Hero / Somebody Help Me 7" Banit 4057, 1980 PS - Ghost Town // Killer / Noise Boys 7" Risky 81, 1981 PS - Toxic Reasons/Zero Boys split 7" Selfless SFLS-6, 1991 PS (No Pity / White Noise // other side by Zero Boys) - Independence LP Risky 10004, 1982 DE Bitzcore #5, 1989 (Mercenary / Drunk And Disorderly / War Hero / Riot Squad / Noise Boys / Ghost Town // Killer / Somebody Help Me / How Do You Feel? / White Noise / The Shape / Rally 'round The Flag, Boys) - Kill By Remote Control LP Sixth International SILO 4, 1984 (Stuck In A Rut / Destroyer / Jrs. Friends / Revolution? / Powercrazed // No Pity / Limited Nuclear War / Looking At The World / Break The Bank / Harvest) - Bullets For You LP T-Reason 002, 1984 They had some more records. Too Anglo for my tastes. Relocated to Indianapolis in 1984 for the third LP.[HW]
True Believers Columbus - Accept It // Gusto Hungry / Death By Freezing 7" New Age NA001, 1980 PS Hozac HZR-140, 2013 PS Fine mid-70s oddball semiacoustic stuff. Some punks will enjoy Accept It but by the end of side two will be climbing the walls with boredom.[HW]
X-X Cleveland - A / You're Full Of Shit 7" Drome DR2, 1979 PS - No Nonsense / Approaching The Minimal With Sprayguns 7" Drome DR8, 1980 PS Great stuff. You're Full Of Shit takes the Electric Eels bombast to new heights.[HW]

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