"Where'd You Find That?!": An Illustrated Discography of the (Almost) Unique

Noise - Let's Have Some Fun / Do The Climb 7" stamped sleeve (Wilson Records, 1978)

From that notorious hotbed of punk activity, Topeka Kansas, circa 1978. 200 pressed, only a handful came in the rubber stamped sleeve.

Apparently the band sold copies of this with the stamped sleeve via an ad in Maximum Rock 'n Roll in the late 80s, but this is the only copy I've run across.

After the Noise, band leader Alan "kent" Wilson formed the Iguanas, a musically competent if terribly unoriginal Stooges wannabe band that released a couple of dull records on Midnight in the mid 80s. Today Alan lives in Los Angeles where he plays and records drunken blues under his alter ego "Alan Wrench". His favorite drink is MD 20/20, by the case.

- Roger Mah Archives, Santa Monica California

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