CHRONIC SICK: Look out ladies, the self-professed "Cutest band in hardcore".


Accelerators Union - Public Enemy No. 1 / Ground Zero N.Y.C. / Action Park / She's So Fine // I've Seen Her Somewhere Before / I Want That Girl 7" Mutha 020, 1984 PS Ramonesy punk from three neighborhood-type guys. The Accelerators were the kind of band that might've had moustaches, sunglasses, and wives (it was only sunglasses in this case). Melodic with a '60s influence. Rough recording and mastering. Good stuff! Some copies on coloured vinyl. The singer/guitarist, John Hanson, later died through misadventure and drugs, while the bassist and co-songwriter, Ron Nole, would bring the Accelerators' song catalogue into the Parasites, a noteworthy San Francisco band.[GM] accelerators Adrenalin OD Elmwood Park - Let's Barbeque 7" Buy Our, 1983 PS Psychic Volt PSYCH-006, 2011 PS (Suburbia / Old People Talk Loud / Trans Am // House Husband / Mischief Night / Status Symbol) Catchy, sardonic hardcore. Everybody in NJ had this record. Red ink on sleeve is first pressing; blue is second. Some purple ink exist. Came with insert. Sounds like it was recorded in a trash can.[GM] let's barbeque - 1st let's barbeque - 2nd Ambulance - It's All Up To You / I Remember 7" Urgent Sound US-801/US-802, 1980 PS Melodic, punked-up powerpop.[GM] ambulance Bad Guys - No More / Ex-Cape 7" Get-Away G-100, 1981 PS The Worst (see below) in disguise. Decent punky powerpop.[JF] bad guys Bees South Plainfield - Mystery Date / It's A Business Doing Pleasure With You // Ruby / Circuit Breaker 7" Obey My Brain BE1, 1979 PS - TV Mentality / Stunt Man 7" Obey My Brain BE22, 1979 PS - Already In Love / Shoehead 7" Obey My Brain BE333, 1979 PS mystery date tv mentality already in love Bodies in Panic - This Ain't Rock 'N' Roll LP Buy Our/Penguin Platters, 1984 Breakdowns Maywood? - Purple Plastic Pants / You Only Live Once 7" RamRex RR468, 1980 NS - Walk In Famous / It's Up To You 7" RamRex RR469, 1982 NS Total Dolls/Thunders worship, good stuff.[JL] purple plastic pants Burnt Midland Park - The M.P. EP 7" Mutha 010, 1983 PS (Let Me Out / The Luftwaffe / Up The River // Industrial Accident / The Flintstones / Teacher's Pet) Beery, thick-necked hardcore from North Jersey.[GM] Really dumb hardcore. The Flintstones is a cover of the cartoon's theme song, and you can't get much lower than that. At least The Luftwaffe is amusing.[JF] burnt Candy Apple New Brunswick - Stargazer / Instinction 7" Shake It ST003, 1980 PS Decent rock/glam/punk.[HW] candy apple - standard ps candy apple - rare alt ps Child Abuse - Bring It 7" Mutha 014, 1983 PS (Child Abuse / Live Too Fast / Life Of Them // I'm Lazy / Extra Strength Tylenol / We Don't Want You Hanging Around) child abuse Chronic Sick Long Branch - Reagan Bands // Crotch Rot / Blood Type:X 7" Mutha 008, 1983 PS - Cutest Band In Hardcore 12" Mutha 002, 1982 (There Goes The Neighbourhood / Dress Code / Public Suicide / Man Rape Blues / Mucho Macho / Pain For Profit) bootleg, 2009 (There Goes The Neighbourhood / Dress Code / Public Suicide / Man Rape Blues / Mucho Macho / Pain For Profit / Reagan Bands / Crotch Rot / Blood Type:X / +3 demos) 7" is surprisingly tuneful Shore Core - a blend of Sex Pistols and SoCal. Great production: practically leaps from the speakers. 12" is tuneful and again great-sounding. Always a rare record. Their swaggeringly racist lyrics cut little ice back in the day.[GM] mutha The Clap - Catch The Clap 7" Kleen Kut 4004, 1981 PS (Disco Jesus / Troubled Hearts / All Day And All Of The Night / Troubled Hearts +1) Quirky wave/garage/pop (has synth) with goofy/semi-funny lyrics. Same label as the Korps LP and Ken Kaiser 7" (he produced this record).[RM] clap Consumers - We're American "Coke Please" 7" Dumpster GFLS1148, 1980 HS/RS? bootleg, 2001 PS (Average Girls / Existential Baby / Not In Love With You // No Religion / Everybody's Girl) Good slow burn art-punker. Commonly found black-and-white xerox sleeves are not original. Bootleg sleeve is printed on thicker stock. Original sleeve has red printing on off-white heavyweight paper.[JF] consumers - original ps consumers - repro ps Cyanamid Bound Brook - Stop The World // This Is Hell / I Hate Pigeons / I Love P.B.Js / Older People / In The Hole 7" Mutha 018, 1984 PS Based in Bound Brook, home of the American Cyanamid chemical company. Toxic sludge on the slower tempos, a flailing cacophony at thrash speed. Imagine Flipper or Rancid Vat with sudden, mindless hyper-thrash breaks. Transcendently awful/wonderful.[GM] cyanamid Da Works Long Branch - Socialogical Alleycats / Sid Did // Modern History / Triangular Resistance 7" Hard Labor HLR-A/HLR-B, 1980 NS Pre-Fatal Rage. Sid Did is the punkest and best of the tracks. Modern History is punky. The other two have Lou Reedish tendencies, but are very amateurish and lyrically awkward, to good effect.[JF] Glenn Danzig Lodi - Who Killed Marilyn / Spook City 7" Plan 9 PL1015, 1981 PS Good songs, weak performance (Danzig played all the instruments himself). Some copies on purple vinyl. This single represents an early notion of Danzig's to disband the Misfits and go solo, although what resulted was a long-time glut of unsold copies in local record stores.[GM] glenn danzig Detention Manville - Dead Rock`n'Rollers / El Salvador 7" Rigor Mortis RIG-1, 1983 PS - Detention LP Rigor Mortis RM002, 1985 (Paranoid Boy / 60's Casualties / Drunk Driving / Automated Life / A Tribute To Michael Myers / Beach / Let's Fight / Evil / Out Of Control / Chaos In North Jersey // Teenage Fantasy / Rt. 35 South / Soap Comercial / Looney Tunes / Insomniac / Nuclear Nightmare / Sneakerhead / Yesterday's Song / The Colonel's Wish / Start!) - Too Noisy (Live 1984) 7" Ponk-111/BCT/Enterruption/Schizophrenic PONK-009, 199?/1984 PS (Too Noisy / Let's Fight / Dead Rockers // El Salvador / Start) - Live in New Jersey, 1983 7" bootleg BL-004, 199?/1984 PS (Too Noisy / El Salvador // Let's Fight / Dead Rock 'N Rollers / British Out) Bar-band punk from Manville, at the time the Guinness world record holder for most bars per capita. Both records have chops but little aggro. Dead Rock`n'Rollers is a cool song, and a longtime local radio fave.[GM] Production on the LP is a bit too sterile. It has potential, but lacks power. The posthumously released Too Noisy has good sound quality, and it's a good performance too. Live In New Jersey, 1983 is actually exactly the same set of recordings, but the bootleggers used what sounds like a tenth generation cassette, changed the song order, mistitled one track, and lied about the recording date.[JF] what about you Jim Carrol lp Ether South Plainfield - Ya Gotta Kill Me / In And Out 7" M-92 AN-OA-1, 1978 PS ether Fatal Rage - Fatal Rage LP Mutha 004, 1983 (Struggle / Assault / Jump & Die / Die Lady Di / Fatal Mistake / V.O.A. // Copy Bands / I'm Appalled / Yelling / War Time / Kick That Kicker) fatal rage Grim/Klone Band Cherry Hill - No Excuse! 7" Disposable DIS-101, 1978 PS (Heat's Risin' / Jehovah's Witness // S.O.S (Son Of Sam) Part 1) - Back On The Street 7" Brain Transplant BTX08 1999/1979 PS (Blank Space // Stet! / At The Hot Klub) no excuse back on the street Matt Grim - Backstreet Boy 7" Disposable DIS102, 1982 PS (Backstreet Boy / All Because Of You // Stet / At The Hot Klub) backstreet boy Jigs & the Pigs New Brunswick - The Reason I Rock / My Nature 7" Force, 1982 PS Primitive demo-punkpop.[CW] It's a pop record at heart, but the rawness of the production gives it a punk edge. Both sides are good. Sleeve is an oversized envelope.[JF] I like the flipside on this. It almost sounds more like mid-80s indie rock more than powerpop.[BD] jigs and the pigs Ken Kaiser - I Love You Laurie / Joyce 7" Kleen Kut KK514, 1977 NS ken kaiser Komik-Kazee Upper Montclair - Going Down To Bloomfield Center / Going Down To Bloomfield Center (Instrumental) 7" Stardust SR-8301, 1983 PS Bizarre record with somewhat funky intrumental backing is saved by the punky vocals of seven different singers. B-side turns up the funk. Cover photo rivals NYC's Ducky Boys for dumbest/coolest looking band.[JF] komik-kazee Last Rites For Genocide New Brunswick - split LP w\ M.I.A. LP Smoke Seven SMK7-104, 1982 (Teenage Girls / Manson Youth / Bad Name / Peggy's Got A Problem / Gonna Fight / Overthrow The Government / GTO / Syphillis Strain #5 / Period / And / Endless Fight // B-side by M.I.A.) Genocide is nasty gutter-punk with a glammy edge. Decent and engaging, but for all its pretense, you can tell it's suburban.[GM] Mental Abuse - Streets Of Filth LP Urinal, 1984/3 (Adolesscent Skins / Gimme Death / No God / Do You Mind / Sock Woman / Black Hole // Jock Sex / Corporate Scum / Mental Abuse / Plastic People / Security Guard / Electric Chair / Rat Race) Thuddy, midrangey hardcore from a band of mental defectives (singer Cyd Sludge was autistic) and outlaw bikers controlled by a shady manager with very deep pockets and a bizarre notion that the band could be a commercial success. A Mental Abuse movie exists. The album sounds like it was recorded in a submerged U-boat. Sock Woman was, nonetheless, a local radio fave.[GM] Minx - Fashion Girl / Prisoner 7" Minx 1980A/B, 1980 NS All-female band, B-side is a cool fuzzed out track predating the whole Seattle Sound by about 10 years.[JL] minx Misfits Lodi See the Misfits Bible for more info than you could possibly want to know about the record variations for the most fetishistically objectified US punk band. Still there's more than a few genuine nuggets of greatness in their catalogue. Comments below by Gavin McNett.[HW] - Cough/Cool / She 7" Blank 101, 1977 PS Jazzy three-piece lineup with Glenn Danzig on organ -- a B-list Max's Kansas City sound with Doors tendencies. Good songs, Italian wedding vocals.[GM] - Bullet / We Are 138 // Attitude / Hollywood Babylon 7" Plan 9 PL1001, 1978 PS Skronky, aggressive punk with standout, melodic vocals. A collision of clear studio sound and totally cruddy-sounding instruments - sounds careless but isn't. Band can barely play but sounds great. An ace record. The sessions that yielded the Bullet EP were intended for an album, Static Age, that was abandoned, remixed and re-recorded for various posthumous efforts, and eventually released faithfully in 1997. - Horror Business // Teenagers From Mars / Children In Heat 7" Plan 9 PL1009, 1979 PS More shambolic blare with an Italian singing waiter wailing over the top. Wonderful. - Night Of The Living Dead 7" Plan 9 PL1011, 1979 PS (Night Of The Living Dead // Where Eagles Dare / Rat Fink) A thin-sounding effort, and a transition between the craptacular '70s Misfits and the more disciplined '80s unit. The focus is there, but the tone is lacking. Rat Fink is a parody of Allan Sherman's Rag Mop. - Beware 12" UK Plan 9 PLP9, 1980 (We Are 138 / Bullet / Hollywood Babylon / Attitude // Horror Business / Teenagers From Mars / Last Caress) Rare UK repackaging of US singles, with one previously-unreleased song from the Bullet sessions (Last Caress). - 3 Hits From Hell 7" Plan 9 PL1013, 1981 PS (London Dungeon // Horror Hotel / Ghouls Night Out) Strong, tight production on the Misfits' closest thing to a hit single. Heavy kick drum and snare makes it almost danceable, although the sound remains pure punk. Spooky guitars make it...spooky. Danzig's vocals are less Mario Lanza, more nuanced. Perhaps their best record. As with the Bullet EP, an album was recorded in these sessions that was never released. It appeared as a bootleg and much later as 12 Hits From Hell, a promo-only CD whose official release was cancelled. - Halloween / Halloween II 7" Plan 9 PL1017, 1981 PS An ok song from the 3 Hits From Hell sessions with a remix on the B-side - a placeholder effort. Still pretty good. - Evilive 7" Plan 9 PL1019, 1982 PS 12" DE Aggressive Rock Produktionen AG0023, 1983 (20 Eyes / Night Of The Living Dead / Astro Zombies / Horror Business // London Dungeon / All Hell Breaks Loose / We Are 138) A fairly cruddy sounding live EP, recorded in 1981, and originally a fan-club-only release. The Misfits were never a tight live band, and Evilive shows off their faults. - Walk Among Us LP Ruby JRR804, 1982 ITA Expanded Music EX32, 1982 (20 Eyes / I Turned Into A Martian / All Hell Breaks Loose / Vampira / Nike A Go Go / Hate Breeders / Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight // Night Of The Living Dead / Skulls / Violent World / Devil's Whorehouse / Astro Zombies / Brain Eaters) - Earth A.D./Wolf's Blood LP Plan 9 PL9/02, 1983 (Earth A.D. / Queen Wasp / Devilock / Death Comes Ripping / Green Hell // Wolfsblood / Demonomania / Bloodfeast / Hellhound) DE Aggressive Rock Produktionen AG0024 , 1983 (Earth A.D. / Queen Wasp / Devilock / Death Comes Ripping / Green Hell // Wolfsblood / Demonomania / Bloodfeast / Hellhound / Die Die My Darling / We Bite) - Die Die My Darling // We Bite / Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight 12" Plan 9 PL9/03, 1984 - Static Age LP Caroline 1704-67520-1, 1997/1978 (Static Age / TV Casualty / Some Kinda Hate / Last Caress / Return Of The Fly / Hybrid Moments / We Are 138 / Teenagers From Mars // Come Back / Angelfuck / Hollywood Babylon / Attitude / Bullet / Theme For A Jackal / She / Spinal Remains / In The Doorway) Chris Moffa And The Competition Garfield - You Know How Hot (It's Been Getting Around Here) / Lunatics, Losers, And Liars 7" Change CR-0001/0002, 1981 PS - Places To Live 12" Change CR-0003/0004, 1983 (Places To Live / State Of Mind // Places To Dance / [uncredited song]) The 7" is solid powerpop with a slight UK influence. State Of Mind on the 12" is in a similar vein, but the other tracks are more dancey, and perhaps borderline (bad) Clash influenced. The 12" comes in a stickered sleeve with a printed innersleeve that shows through the cutout.[JF] you know how hot Mourning Noise Lodi - Dawn Of The Dead / Fighting Chance / Laser Lights // Demon Eyes / Addiction 7" Nightlatche, 1982 PS Equal parts suburban hardcore and Misfits-inspired horrorpunk, and good on both counts. Quick and tuneful. Includes insert.[GM] mourning noise Partners In Crime Union - No Big Deal LP Mutha 026, 1984 (I Hate Your Guts / I Wanna Drive You / Cram It // N.B.D. (No Big Deal) / Trash / You Suck) Despite the year and ridiculous looking band members, this is a solid female-vocals punk record. Some may find the lyrics and vocals to be a bit cheesy. See also Rox below.[JF] partners in crime Poptronix Hackensack - TV Programmed TV Set / War of Crime 7" Klang! PX-001, 1981 PS Good synth-punk, especially the A-side. The fake-Brit vocals are so convincing that it's misidentified in Volume as a UK record.[JF] poptronix Public Disturbance Spring Lake - S&M // Destroy The Fad / Do The Gilly 7" Mutha 011, 1983 - Public Disturbance LP Mutha 003, 1983 (Intro/War Time / It's About Time / Peace-Love-Anarchy / A System / Burnt / Caged / Who's Freedom / Best Years / USA Is OK / Youth Corps // Cripple Fucker / Invest In A Cop / Love & Tenderness / Russell's Ramp / I'm The Devil / Kill Some Cops / Bored / Strangler / Fun & Destruction) s&m Randazza West Milford? - City Girls / Piece Of Mind 7" RPM 520552, 1980 PS Each side rips off another band's sound: New York Dolls on the A-side (not bad) and the Rolling Stones on the flip (bad).[JF] randazza Rosemary's Babies Lodi - Blood Lust 7" Ghastly 0001, 1983 PS (I'm Gonna Be Sick / Inferior / Small Minds / Let's Molest 10 Year Olds) Misfits-influenced suburban hardcore, with an emphasis on the hardcore. Crude playing, shaky sound; good anyway. Red vinyl; hand-colored sleeves.[GM] rosemary's babies - standard colored ps rosemary's babies - uncolored ps Rox Newton/Union - Partners In Crime 12" French Teeze 078, 1984 (My Boyfriend's Back / (I Was Just) Jokin' // You Won't See Me Then) An earlier incarnation of Partners In Crime (see above) consisting of two members of that band plus various additional musicians doing more of a tough cheese-wave thing. Punk fans should stick with the later LP.[JF] Secret Syde Long Branch - Hidden Secrets LP Mutha 007, 1983 UK Hose Head 001, 1986 (A Hole Where A Pocket Should Be / I'm Alone / Hurt And Pain / Versailles // Moonlight Marine / Drury Lane / I See Through Your Mind) Garage/psych with amped-up guitars and great songs. Too punk-rock for the 60s revivalists; too 60s for the punks. An unheralded classic.[GM] hidden secrets - reissue Send Help - You Don't Fit / I Love It // Sex With Sheep / Buffy's Dead 7" Mutha 009, 1983 PS Probably the most legendary Mutha record behind the Chronic Sick 12". Sex With Sheep is brilliantly stupid hardcore, like the greatest AOD song that AOD didn't think up first. This record just screams New Jersey, from the anti-suburbia I Love It to the annotated map of the state on the back of the sleeve.[JF] send help Shrapnel Shrewsbury - Combat Love / Hey 7" Salute SLT2001, 1979 PS - Go Cruisin' / Way Out World 7" Salute SLT0003, 1981 PS - Shrapnel 12" Elektra 60281, 1984 (Didn't Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock-n-Roll) / Nations // Master Of My Destiny / Hope For Us All / It's A Crime) First 7" is Ramonesy punk, not quite as loud as it ought to be.[GM] combat love go cruisin Skull Duggery - Headlock LP Mutha 012, 1983 (Wreck & Roll / Dirt Balls & Sex Machines / All Out Superpower Confrontation / Blind Babies / Pleasure In The Pain / The Hammer // No Self Control / Public Nuisance / Ecstasy / Drunk Driving 3rd Offense / I Hate) Odd mix of punk, hardcore and experimental sounds via a keyboard player. Recorded in a basement on a 4-track which is part of the charm. I like this record and find it much more interesting than much of the label's output, but it's certainly not for everyone.[JF] Stinky And The Spuds Garwood - Do What I Say / Fat Children 7" WM 723, 1980 PS - I Have Got A Job / E'Port Shuffle 7" WM 724, 1981 PS - Skeletons // Big Mouth / Old Al Fish 7" WM 725, 1981 PS Do What I Say off the first single is good biker/thug faux punk with presumably tongue-in-cheek misogynistic lyrics. The flip is in a similar almost heavy psych style, but has even stupider subject matter. The third single mostly sounds like a silly Halloween record. I haven't heard the second single, but it seems pretty clear these guys were a novelty act (at least lyrically) and just got lucky on their first vinyl outing.[JF] do what i say i have got a job skeletons Storm Street - Billy Mod // Mean Punk / Raunchy Rock`n'Roll 7" Trutone 520446, 1977 NS storm street Teenage Depression New Providence - Skank Or Die! 7" Bulldada 1, 1984 PS (Anarchy Is For Assholes / Reagan's Gestapo / Working For The Kremlin / Caught In A Bind / False Jessii / Frat Party / Rabbit Song / Speed Punks Suck / I Love Kate) teenage depression Malcolm Tent Margate - Unnatural Axe 7" Hardly Music HM004R, 1981 PS (I Will Be Heard / Oh Yeah!) - Airplay / USA 7" Goldtent NR14609-2, 1982 PS unnatural airplay TMA Metuchen - What's For Dinner? LP Jimboco JLP8401, 1984 (What's For Dinner? / Mary Tyler Moore Show Theme / Psychopathic / Nancy / Shit Don't Stink / Surf Nazi / Crack Me Up / Brain Of My Own / Acid Head / I Am // Penniless / Astrological Geek / Electric Shock / Dying The Empire Way / Pins & Needles / I Forgot / Don't Pick / Drunk Or Stupid / Bag Lady Love / Fucked Up Dreams) Pure Angry Samoans ripoff. Awesome record. There's also a second LP.[HW] tma Transformers - Take a Vacation! / Arithmetic 7" Bullet, 1982 PS Great & catchy poppunk.[CR] Power-pop like the Speedies/New Math.[??] Provincial new-wavy power pop - more jangly than aggressive.[GM] transformers Violators - NY Ripper / My Country 7" Syringe FRS002, 1980 RS A crisp, blaring punk single with heavy, heavy kick drum. The anthemic My Country 'Tis of Thee, on the B-side, might've been an Oi! chartbuster. As it is, appearing on a single from New Jersey before Oi! had properly broken in the UK, it's probably an odd case of parallel evolution.[GM] violaters - label violaters - rare sleeve, pink violaters - rare sleeve, black Ways - Thursday / Is It Real 7" Ways 1, 1980 PS Good obscure powerpop.[BD] Whiteboys - Maybe I Do // Young Girls / Wasting My Time 7" Sunrise, 1978 NS Pre-Ambulance. Not good at all. I believe all copies are marked Promotional Copy on the labels.[JF] whiteboys Wild Hairs Asbury Park - Wild Hairs LP Mutha 019, 1984 (Stupid Cat / Killer In The Streets / Car Crash / Radio Is Boring / Everybody Loves My Baby But Me ++) Worst - Time Zone / High Velocity / Futur / Frustration / Don't Be Afraid 7" Mutha 001, 1982 PS - Expect The Worst 12" Mutha 005, 1983 (We Are Those / Emergency Room / I Don't Know / Going To New York / Go To Hell // Face / City Of Sin / Loud & Fast / I Wanna Stop) time zone Youth In Asia - Pulling Out The Plug LP Mutha 024, 1984 Professor Marx Zydiac Manville - Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind / Let's Start A Punk Rock Band 7" Nirvana NR-1999, 1978 PS Let's Start A Punk Rock Band is a typical hippie-rock anti-punk novelty, but the lyrics are ridiculous enough to make it a keeper. There's also an LP from 1977 as Marc Zydiak, described on the back cover as "lyrical songs and acoustic guitar instrumentals". It's about the least punk thing you can imagine.[JF] professor marx zydiac Various - Hardcore Takes Over: Dirt Compilation #2 LP Dirt DR-003, 1983 (TMA / Phil Scalzo Band / Mourning Noise / Mad Daddys / Stetz / Sand In The Face / 13-Day Vacation / Genocide) Label Discographies Mutha 001 Worst 7" 002 Chronic Sick 12" 003 Public Disturbance LP 004 Fatal Rage LP 005 Worst 12" 006 Beast - Power Metal 7" (heavy metal?) 007 Secret Syde LP 008 Chronic Sick 7" 009 Send Help 7" 010 Burnt 7" 011 Public Disturbance 7" 012 Skull Duggery LP 013 Rattus - Toilet Blows Up LP (unreleased, test pressings exist) 014 Child Abuse 7" 015 Beast Of Beast 12" (Southern California) 016 Secret Syde - Erebus LP (unreleased) 017 Stisism 7" (NYC) 018 Cyanamid 7" 019 Wild Hairs LP 020 Accelerators 7" 021 Brunfuss LP (1985, rec. 1984, f-vox punk with metal influences) 022 Immaterial - Scratching The Surface LP (heavy metal?) 023 Swingers - Witchdoctor Blues / Right Between The Eyes 7" (1984, blues rock) 024 Youth In Asia LP 025 Porno Sponges 12" (Rhode Island) 026 Partners In Crime LP 027 Burnt - Where's My Head LP (1985) 028 Manikin - A Toast For Jus' Mannequin LP (1985, metal/punk crossover) 029 Lost In Aggresion LP (1986) 030 Mischief - Only Losers Left Alive LP (1985) All the 45s are at least somewhat punk/hardcore related except for the Swingers 45 which is pretty bad. The Wild Hairs LP is arguably the best LP on the label.[BD] Copies of the Rattus LP sold from Mark "The Mutha" Chesley's collection on eBay in late 2011 had real printed labels, but no sleeves. The seller claimed only 27 were pressed.[JF] Plan 9 PL1001 Misfits - Bullet 7" PL1005 Victims - Annette 7" (NYC) PL1009 Misfits - Horror Business 7" PL1011 Misfits - Night Of The Living Dead 7" PLP9 Misfits - Beware 12" PL1013 Misfits - 3 Hits From Hell 7" PL1015 Glenn Danzig 7" PL1017 Misfits - Halloween 7" PL1019 Misfits - Evilive 7" PL9/02 Misfits - Earth A.D./Wolf's Blood LP PL9/03 Misfits - Die Die My Darling 12" Last update: 08 October May 2014 Return to