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Anyway Records
This label started with a few co-releases with Datapanik. These days they only put out a few CDs a year, such as the most recent TJSA album, and a great comp of Columbus, Ohio songwriters.

Anyway Records Discography

Boys From Nowhere
Archvived copy of a 1991 article from the excellent Noise for Heroes e-zine about one of the bands on the first Datapanik release.

Jay Brown
His black-and-white photos graced the covers of many Datapanik releases. Now take a look at his new home on the web, or buy a print on eBay.

Burnt Sienna Records
What do the Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Girly Machine, Pet UFO, Clay, and the Haynes Boys have in common? They have all recorded for both Datapanik and Burnt Sienna Records. Visit the site of Tony Painter's label for a complete catalog.

Buzzkill theme song
by Gaunt. I guess that makes them the first Datapanik band to get played on MTV on a regular basis.

A band on the Ubu Dance Party tribute album that has their own homepage.

This Ohio city's homepage features a detailed timeline of Cleveland's rock history by John Petkovic of Cobra Verde/Death of Samantha/Guided by Voices fame. Featured bands include the New Bomb Turks, Pere Ubu and Peter Laughner. Also home of the very cool CLE 'zine.

This is a great e-zine of the whole Columbus, Ohio music scene. Go here for news, reviews, show listings, band contact information, links, and classifieds. Highly recommended!

Datapanik Discography
This discography on the excellent Grunnen Rocks page is less detailed, but it is now more or less complete since I gave Evert the missing info.

Ego Summit
A description and ordering information for the Columbus, Ohio "supergroup" project featuring Ron House, Jim Shepard, Mike Rep, Tommy Jay, and Don Howland.

Roky Erikson
Mike Rep and the Quotas do the best Roky Erikson cover that I've ever heard with their version of "Creature with the Atom Brain" on the Bumped by Karaoke CD. (Well, Entombed's "Night of the Vampire" is way up there too.) But do yourself a favor and look up the man behind the original.

Gaunt: The Warner Bros. Site
Via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, see the remains of slick Warner Bros. site At one time the site contained a biography, soundbites, lyrics, tour dates and a cheesy message board. Not much is still viewable.

Gaunt: articles about the death of singer Jerry Wick. RIP.
Gaunt's Lead Singer Killed on His Bicycle (Columbus Dispatch, 1/11/01)
Gaunt Singer/Guitarist Dead At 33 (MTV, 1/12/01, ignore the last line about "Cocaine Sniffing Triumph" which isn't true)
Man Unsure if He Struck Musician (Columbus Dispatch, 1/13/01)
Cleveland Native Jerry Wick, Leader of Gaunt, Dies (Cleveland Free Times, 1/17/01)
Local Bands Will Play Memorial for Wick (Columbus Dispatch, 1/18/01)
Jerry Wick Remembered (Columbus AlivewireD, 1/18/01)
Driver Sentenced in Crash The Killed Bicyclist (Columbus Dispatch via, 1/9/02)

Gaunt: articles about the Warner Bros. record.
Size Matters: The Rockers in Gaunt Don't Feel Guilty About Their New Major-Label Contract (Denver Westword, 2/12/98)
Who Killed the Radio?: Scanning the Dial and Naming the Names With Gaunt (Lollipop #45, Fall 1998)

Gaunt Discography

Gaunt Interview
From issue #8 of Chunklet

Gaunt: James Presents...
Part of Mark's Record Reviews.

Gaunt Poster
2/23/96, New York City, by Sutton

Get Hip Records
They reissued the Gaunt "Jim Motherfucker" single and released the "Sound of Poverty" Anyway singles CD comp. This is in addition to a New Bomb Turks 7", the reissue of Anyway's Cowtown Vol. II 7" comp. (featuring NBT) and many other punk and garage records. A very cool label with an excellent web site (but Roger Mah of Brain Transplant 'zine and record label says they'll rip you off...)

Great Plains: Sum Things Up
A review of the last album from bangSheet.

Peter Laughner
The first release on Datapanik Records included a cover of Laughner's "Dear Richard"

Lower Records
Before the Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Ron House was in the band Great Plains with Paul Nini. Paul's label Lower Records has a high-quality live cassette of Great Plains from 1985 called "Live at the Electric Banana" for only $5 postpaid.

Tim Mac
He recorded Gaunt's "Kryptonite" LP, the "Buzzkill" theme song, and co-produced the "Bricks and Blackouts" LP.

New Bomb Turks
Finally, the band's homepage on their own URL.

New Bomb Turks Discography
I put together the New Bomb Turks discography on the now defunct SonikD page. So these days I contribute to this one whenever something new by the Turks comes out.

New Bomb Turks: Breakin' the Raw Law
2/17/00 article from Cleveland Scene Online.

New Bomb Turks Posters
6/25/94, San Francisco, by Kozik
11/1/95, Cincinnati, by Kozik
10/23/96, New York City, by Martin

Old 3C Records
This new label just released the long-promissed double-CD Great Plains retrospective.

Pere Ubu
Find out about the band from which the name Datapanik was taken and who are the subject of the double CD tribute "Ubu Dance Party".

Radio Birdman
The New Bomb Turks do an excellent cover of "Do the Pop" on their Datapanik 7" which gives me an excuse for a link to this Radio Birdman homepage.

Jim Shepard: Life in the Key of V
An incredible article from Multiball zine in remembrance of the man behind Vertical Slit, V-3, Iron Press Records, and many others.

Jim Shapard: V-3 Web
Ian finally gets his fan site up. Still in progress, but looks great.

Spare Me Records
This NY label finally released the Ron House "New Wave As the Next Guy" CD. They've also put out things by TJSA and V-3, and claim an upcoming Gaunt release.

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments Inteview
Ron House gets interviewed by the e-zine Perfect Sound Forever.

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments Poster
4/27/96, New York City

Chad Van Wagner
Visit the webpage of the second head of Datapanik Records to read about the Ubu Dance Party double CD, the Shave the Baby comp. and the New Bomb Turks.

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